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dollyblack's Journal

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  • dollyblack@livejournal.com

About DoLLy BLack

*I'm 28

*One of my biggest passions in life is photography so you will see a lot of my photographs and modeling photoshoots in my entries.

*I <3 baking and would like to own my own business to do with that or a cleaning business.

*I have been Gothic for quite a few years now and am fascinated with the fashion, music, people and overall culture.

*I enjoy books, writing and crafty things.

*Music is another big passion of mine. I have a love for Gothic, Industrial and Nu Metal styles of music.

*I have way to many clothes, boots & shoes.

*I love animals, especially my kitty Tobey <3

*I love nature and walks in forests.

*I love Halloween and pumpkins!

*I am somewhat shy until I get to know you.

*From the top of my head, my favorite bands are: The Birthday Massacre, Snake River Conspiracy, Celldweller, Crossfade, The Tea Party and too many more to list...

*My favorite films are: The Bride Of Chucky, My First Mister, The Craft, Vampire Journals, Natural Born Killers,Ginger snaps, Hocus Pocus.

After reading this you should now know a little more about me and maybe you will enjoy being LJ friends. Drop me a line or add away!