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Update Time!

It has been awhile since I have posted or even read anyone's journal entries on here BUT I have deicdied to branch out to different social network pages and be a little more social/active online. I plan to read everyone's most recent entries and will do my best to comment as soon as I can. Since my last post there have been a lot of changes and events that have happened. I will list the ones that I think are the biggest.

1. I now have my own apartment! It's a basement apartment. My kitty seems to be settled in now and likes it, though I wish there were more bigger windows for him to look out (as well as for more light for me) He loves watching the little critters roam around the outside of the house. I do try to take him out on his leash to get fresh air in the warm weather as much as I can. I can't wait to do that soon!
2. I have been single a year now. The longest that I have been single ever since I can remember. Sometimes I feel lonely :(
3. I am still working 3 jobs but have been thinking about taking a course in scuriety or something to help me get office work. I am getting tired of retail.
4. I am not happy with my weight, look or life style anymore. I know this because I don't take photos of myself very often and when I do I dislike them. I have gained weight and now want to lose 20-30 pounds and I know that it is going to take a lot of work. I want to join a gym but haven't yet. I lack energry and motivation. I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here so I can go for walks close by or drive somewhere to go on a hike.
5. I finally got to go to Las Vegas for my 30th birthday last November. I was only there 4 days but could have stayed forever. It is absolutely amazing there. I will post about this awesome experience in another entry.

^One of my most recent photos^

That's all for now. I have missed you LJ!!!

Halloween Spirit

Love this time of year as Halloween spirit is everywhere!
I have to stay warm though as the chill of winter approaches.

Weekend Away

Last weekend Dylan and I packed up all of our camping gear and headed to Wasaga Beach only to spend a night there. We traveled all the way there to find out that their campsites (both owned by the same company) were shit holes. The campsites were so close to one another and we unfortunately got stuck camping beside some redneck assholes who at 3am woke us up when they returned from a bar with their talking and campfire cooking. Needless to say, our tent was filled with smoke and we could not get back to sleep. We complained to security and they were told to quiet down but kept talking and cooking. We could have stayed at a party campground but we decided to stay at the quiet family one instead so we could get some sleep and be up early the next day to explore and spend the day at the beach. When we checked into the campground we were told that after 11pm our music had to be turned off and there should only be a whisper if we were still up. Well, so much for those rules! After trying to get to get back to sleep for two hours with no success and finally shouting at them to shut the fuck up we decided to pack up our things and leave. We figured the weather wasn't cooperating with us anyways as it was supposed to be a cool rainy day. We tiredly drove to Owen Sound where we checked into a hotel and finally got some well needed sleep. We got to enjoy the pool and hot tub, a delicious dinner at East Side Mario's and seen "The Conjuring" in theater. I haven't been impressed with many recent horror films but I was with this one. It was scary and captivating. I am very glad that I got to see it in theater. I must add that we did get to enjoy some time in Wasaga Beach as we played a game of mini golf and cooked wieners and beans over our fire and ate doritos and drank beers and coolers before bed, those were the high points of our night. I don't think we will be going back to Wasaga Beach, well not anytime soon. Overall, our weekend was a nice relaxing trip away from all the stresses of home.

Before we got the hell out of Wasaga Beach we stopped and watched a sunrise and this is one of the photos I took of it. It was beautiful!
wasaga beach sunrise

Farmer's Market

side of house
This is a photo Dylan took of me on our adventure after going to the Elora Farmer's Market last Saturday. I just had to be photographed in front of the side of this house, beautiful! I enjoyed our time at the Farmer's Market. We got lots of fresh vegetables and I got a mint herb to add to the rest of my herb garden. I also bought my mom the homemade elephant candles that I had seen months back. They will be a birthday present for her next Sunday July 14th. I can't wait to give them to her. I also can't wait to go back to the market. I love buying fresh local vegetables. I am trying to eat more vegetables and stocking up at the market is very helpful with that. Before taking  this photo Dylan and I finally found the Covered Bridge, also called the Kissing Bridge in Elmira. I had been there with a friend when I was young and have been wanting to go back to see it. It was a bit different then from what I remembered. There where signs everywhere and houses that were built close by. It saddens me when society ruins and pollutes beautiful areas/buildings with this shit. On a good note, Dylan and I got to kiss under the bridge while a carriage and horse was moving towards us in the background and we took a photo of it but it was hard to see the carriage.
covered bridge db

Fairy Fest 2013

Just now getting around to posting about how I attended Fairy Fest again this year~ a magical medieval festival. It was quite enjoyable. I didn’t take too many photos of the surrounding activity but I love these photos that were taken there and afterwards in the park.
fairy fest
garden 1
Garden 5garden 4
Dylan & I

garden 2


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